Label Ladder

Metal wine cellars
metal wine cellars


Label Ladder merges the modern aesthetic of metal with the warm organic feel of wood. Sleek, design-caliber steel support beams are secured to the wine cellar floor and ceiling allowing for free-floating wine racking.

Not Tied to the Wall


Design flexibility comes to the fore once again. These displays are affixed to the floor and ceiling, which means that their position is not limited to, or dictated by, available wall space. In other words, these displays are the perfect option to situate in front of glass walls, or when you want to float displays in the middle of the room.

Ideal for Commercial Wine Cellars

Label Ladders are an ideal option for residential and commercial wine cellars alike. As with all of our metal wine racking options, the wine bottles appear to float in space, offering maximum view of the label–excellent for showing off trophies. The horizontal stainless steel rods that cradle the bottles can be crafted to accommodate one, two, or three wine bottles laterally, with options for single-, double- and triple-bottle depth.


Most importantly, these components are built to last. Unlike flimsy wire wine racks, these precision crafted steel beams and wood bookends can endure even the toughest commercial applications. Label Ladder in particular was subjected to several stress tests, and was actually able to sustain the entire weight of a person hanging from just one rod.


Label Ladders can be built to any height.



Density Options

*Label Ladders include all stainless steel uprights and rods, anchors, and wood bookends (your choice of wood species).

metal wine cellars

Wood Sample

Wood Samples:


Premium Wood Backsplash Samples

GC-Rosewood-Natural1 Maple-10-Degree-Lacquer Walnut-10-Degree-Lacquer

GC Rosewood (Natural)        Maple                               Walnut

White-Oak-10-Degree-Lacquer Sapele-10-Degree-Lacquer Clear-Cherry1

Oak                                  Sapele                               Cherry (Natural)

Exotic Wood Backsplash Samples

Wenge-10-Degree-Lacquer Paduk-10-Degree-Lacquer1 Ebony-Dark

Wenge                           Pedouk                              Ebony (Dark)

Ebony-Light Rift-Silver-Oak Zebra-Wood

Ebony (Light)                        Silver Oak                       Zebrawood

Stain Options:

(samples shown on GC Rosewood, but stains are available for all wood species)

GC-Rosewood-Slate-Oak-Stain Rosewood Wine Cellars GC-Rosewood-Niagara-Brown-Stain

Slate Oak Stain               Port Stain                        Niagara Brown Stain

GC-Rosewood-Hazelnut-Stain GC-Rosewood-Espresso-Stain GC-Rosewood-Cognac-Stain

Hazelnut Stain                     Espresso Stain                      Cognac Stain

GC-Rosewood-Charcoal-Stain Cappuccino Stain GC-Rosewood-Ink-Stain

Charcoal Stain                 Cappuccino Stain                    Ink Stain

Custom Wine Cellar Stain

Burnt Sienna Stain

Specialty Finish Options:

(available in any wood species)

Cherry-Cappuccino-Stain-with-Beaten-and-Burned-Finish Oak-Rough-Sawn White-Oak-10-Degree-Lacquer1

Beaten & Burned Finish         Oak Rough Sawn                Distressed Finish


Design Centre

Our  center can create a unique, custom wine cellar for you, based on your space and style. With our Architectural Series Design Services, we prepare full CAD drawings as well as realistic three-dimensional renderings that show natural wood grains and finishes to give you an incredibly detailed preview of how your wine cellar will look inside your home. . Turnaround time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, and includes unlimited revisions.

Design Service:                      $360
Design turnaround:                  5-7 days (includes unlimited revisions)




*See our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

*Label Ladders include all stainless steel uprights and rods, anchors, and wood bookends (your choice of wood species). Ladders ship pre-assembled.

Production time:                       4-8 weeks


Deluxe Wine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals can install each and every element of your custom cellar, from floors to walls to racking to lighting to plumbing. We are a 100% turnkey solution.