Grand Entrance


Grand-Entrance-with-Logo-A_Color2wine cellar door is often the most overlooked component even though it represents the weakest link in an enclosed cellar. You can have a beautiful wine cellar with state-of-the-art climate control systems, but if the door is found wanting, all is lost.

‘Regular’ doors are wholly unsuitable for the task of maintaining the high insulation and humidity containment required by an enclosed wine cellar.

At Deluxe Wine Cellars, we have researched all over Canada to find the absolute finest and most advanced wine cellar doors in the world. They are called Grand Entrances.

Grand Entrance wine cellar door is forged under the exacting specifications of our proprietary manufacturing process. This includes using only premium-grade materials, high-performance, multi-layered compression seals, three high-quality ball-bearing hinges, and sealed, dual-glazed thermal glass.

All of our Grand Entrance wine cellar doors are precision-cut to combat warping and twisting, and can be seamlessly integrated into our custom-made door frames, thresholds and casings. The result is a wine cellar door with unparalleled thermal barrier protection. Not only will your wine age under perfect conditions, but the life of your climate control unit will also be extended.

As with every Deluxe Wine Cellars product, Grand Entrance doors are as beautiful as they are functional. Available in over fifteen different models, ten different premium wood species and two different finish options, our cellar doors provide a host of exciting aesthetic options guaranteed to truly make your door a Grand Entrance. Of course, custom sizes and designs can be easily accommodated by our Design Loft. And rest assured that if you’re seeking an all-glass enclosure, we have developed demanding specifications and tolerances for glass doors that most manufacturers used to think not possible.

Finally, our Grand Entrances offer a number of optional advanced security options, ranging from fingerprint recognition locks to cutting-edge electronic surveillance.  All to ensure that your investment in a Wine Cellar remains in good taste.



Door Height:     80″
Door Depth:     1 3/4″
Total Jamb Height:     81 5/8″
Jamb Depth:    4 5/8″
Door Width:     30″
Total Jamb Width:     31 3/4″
Sidelight Width:     14 7/8″
Total Jamb Width (w/ One Sidelight):     48 1/8″
Total Jamb Width (w/ Two Sidelights):     64 1/2″

 Arch Door Dimensions:

Door Height:     80″
Door Depth:     1 3/4″
Total Jamb Height:     81 5/8″
Jamb Depth:    4 5/8″
Door Width:     30″
Total Jamb Width:     31 3/4″


Double Door Dimensions:

Door Heights:     80″
Door Depth:        1 3/4″
Total Jamb Height:     81 5/8″
Jamb Depth:     4 5/8″
Door Width:     30″ x 2 doors
Total Jamb Width:     61 7/8″
Sidelight Width:     14 7/8″
Total Jamb Width (w/ One Sidelight):     78 1/4″
Total Jamb Width (w/ Two Sidelights):     94 5/8″


Standard Casings:     2 5/8″ (exterior and interior)
Available Upgrade to 3″ Casings ($200)
Available Upgrade to 4″ Casings ($250)

 Horizontal Displays

Bottle Capacity:    18 bottles per Column (except for Arch displays

 Size Modifications

Modify door height or door width up to 2 inches for $250*

*does not apply for arch doors

Door widths and/or lengths requiring greater than 2″ modifications require custom quote.

Modifications to Jamb Depth require custom quote.


Material Options:                     GC Mahogany
Finish Options:                        N/A
Upgrade Options:                     Bin Dividers, Raised-Base moldings, Crown moldings

Wood Sample

 Material Options

Rustic-Alder-10-Degree-Lacquer Cherry-Natural GC-Mahogany-Natural3

Rustic                            Cherry                        Mhoganay


Premium Wood Species Options:

 Maple-10-Degree-Lacquer Sapele-10-Degree-Lacquer Walnut-10-Degree-Lacquer

Maple                                  Sapele                                        Walnut

White-Oak-10-Degree-Lacquer All-Heart-Redwood-Natural1 GC-Rosewood-Natural1

Oak                           All-Heart Redwood (Natural)        GC Rosewood (Natural)


Exotic Wood Species Options:

Paduk-10-Degree-Lacquer1 Wenge-10-Degree-Lacquer

Padouk                                 Wenge



Stain Options:

(samples shown on GC Rosewood, but stains are available for all wood species)

GC-Rosewood-Slate-Oak-Stain Rosewood Wine Cellars GC-Rosewood-Niagara-Brown-Stain

Slate Oak Stain               Port Stain                        Niagara Brown Stain

GC-Rosewood-Hazelnut-Stain GC-Rosewood-Espresso-Stain GC-Rosewood-Cognac-Stain

Hazelnut Stain                     Espresso Stain                      Cognac Stain

GC-Rosewood-Charcoal-Stain Cappuccino Stain GC-Rosewood-Ink-Stain

Charcoal Stain                 Cappuccino Stain                    Ink Stain

Custom Wine Cellar Stain

Burnt Sienna Stain


Specialty Finish Options:

(available in any wood species)

White-Oak-10-Degree-Lacquer1  Cherry-Cappuccino-Stain-with-Beaten-and-Burned-Finish

Distressed Finish                  Beaten & Burned Finish


Design Centre


Our in-house Design Loft is an ultra-specialized unit that can not only help you design a wine cellar, but can also help you design a never-before-seen custom Grand Entrance wine cellar door.

Design Service:                        $119
Design turnaround:                   1-2 days (includes 2 free revisions)



*See our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

Shipping Cost:                         Every door will receive a custom shipping quote

Production time:                       3-4 weeks


Deluxe Wine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals, expert in the field of wine cellar construction, can install each and every element of your wine cellar, including your Grand Entrance wine cellar door.


We are a 100% turnkey solution.