Collector’s Edition

Best Value Wine Cellar - Collector's Edition Series Custom Wine Cellar by Genuwine Cellars

Looking for the best value wine cellar money can buy? Before the Collector’s Edition, building a custom wine cellar of this magnitude and quality was a very expensive proposition. This series was borne out of desire to make custom wine cellaring more accessible, while still maintaining our exacting standards.

Collector’s Edition Custom Wine Cellars bridge the gap between fully custom-designed cellars and modular wine racking. The Collector’s Edition series offers an extensive library of components that can be easily customized to fit your cellar. In other words, if you have a 5½’ x 6′ space, you can tailor these racks to meet your needs. With the Collector’s Edition, you will have a custom-made cellar.

A deep catalogue of options and trim packages, combined with the ability to order racking by the ladder (i.e., you can add as many or as little columns to a rack as you need), allows for a truly custom product unrivaled in class and unmatched in value.

As with all of our wine racks, we only use premium wood species that are all completely inert (i.e., they will never release any fumes that could damage your wine), and our hardware is best-in-industry. But more than anything it is the beauty of the options that sets this series apart. Crown- and base-mould come standard on every component. Add light valances with flex-strip LED lighting to create a stunning effect. Explore our four tasting-table options crafted to be a gorgeous focal point for your wine cellar. Or select from a range of tasting-display-arches and cabinets that appear to be something out of a design magazine, which our cellars are featured in frequently.

Best Value Wine Cellar - Collector's Edition Series Custom Wine Cellar by Genuwine CellarsDesign options and upgrades abound with the Collector’s Edition, and include:

a)     A selection of four tasting-display-arches with optional glass shelving;

b)     A selection of four beautiful tasting-tables;

c)     Four available wood species: GC Mahogany, Clear Cherry, Clear Walnut, or Clear Walnut;

d)     Single-deep or double-deep bottle depth options;

e)     Racking components to fit every bottle size, including: half-bottle, Champagne bottle/box, standard 750 ml, and Magnum;

f)      Open case storage racks for 12-bottle wooden crates;

g)     Diamond bin racks with removable dividers;

h)     Angled-bottle racking to display special bottles;

i)      Corner shelving and countertops;

j)      Light valances with LED flex-strip lighting;

k)      Cabinets;

l)      Selection of Trim packages; and

m)      Louvered grill options for cooling units.


Bottle Depth:                 Custom
Height:                          Custom
Width:                           Custom
Price per Bottle:             Requires Custom Quote on a per Project Basis


Material Options:

GC Mahogany, Clear Cherry, Clear Walnut, Clear Redwood

Finish Options:


Wood Sample

 Material Options

GC-Mahogany-Natural2 Clear-Cherry1 Clear-Walnut

GC Mahogany (Natural)        Clear Cherry                          Clear Walnut


Clear Redwood (Natural)




 Finish Options

GC-Mahogany-10-Degree-Lacquer Clear-Walnut-LacquerClear-Cherry-Lacquer

GC Mahogany (Lacquer)                Clear Walnut (Lacquer)                   Clear Cherry (Lacquer)



Clear Redwood (Lacquer)


Design Centre

Our  center can create a unique, custom wine cellar for you, based on your space and style. With our Architectural Series Design Services, we prepare full CAD drawings as well as realistic three-dimensional renderings that show natural wood grains and finishes to give you an incredibly detailed preview of how your wine cellar will look inside your home. . Turnaround time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, and includes unlimited revisions.

Design Service:                      $750.00
Design turnaround:                  4-6 weeks (includes unlimited revisions)




*See our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

Production time:                     3-6 weeks


Deluxe Wine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals can install each and every element of your custom cellar, from floors to walls to racking to lighting to plumbing. We are a 100% turnkey solution.