Architectural Series

architectural-with-logo-A_Color1This is where wine cellar design gets very interesting…

With Deluxe wine Cellar’s Architectural Series, you and our Design Loft work to create a one-of-a-kind concept never seen before.

The Architectural Series is essentially taking the exacting standards and highest quality materials from the Sommelier Select series (which represents the pinnacle of wine cellar construction) and then making a creative masterpiece that stretches the boundaries of imagination and convention.

This can include cellars with non-traditional racking, stainless steel displays, LED backsplashs, stonework, and much, much more. Think: Cover of a Design Magazine. Think: Absolute Work of Art. Like the Sommelier Select series, this is the best of the best. Our best materials, our best craftsmanship, our best execution. We begin by hand-selecting only the most premium of our supplies.

In any given shipment, less than 35% of the wood qualifies. Next, every single piece of wood is hand-sanded on all sides to ensure the most polished look and feel possible. From there, the sky truly is the limit. Every single item of an Architectural Series cellar is 100% customizable, down to the smallest detail. If you only want to incorporate some unique elements, you still have the 100% customizable Sommelier Select library of dramatic features and enhancements to draw from to fill out your wine cellar.

All Architectural Series cellars are guaranteed to be unique works of art.


Bottle Depth:                 Custom
Height:                          Custom
Width:                           Custom
Price per Bottle:             Requires Custom Quote on a per Project Basis


Material Options:                    Unlimited
Finish Options:                       Unlimited
Upgrade Options:                    Unlimited

Wood Sample

 Material Options

All-Heart-Redwood-Natural1 Cherry-Natural GC-Mahogany-Natural3

Redwood                   Cherry                        Mhoganay

GC-Rosewood-Natural1 Maple-10-Degree-Lacquer Paduk-10-Degree-Lacquer1

Rosewood                   Maple                       Paduk

Rustic-Alder-10-Degree-Lacquer Sapele-10-Degree-Lacquer Walnut-10-Degree-Lacquer

Rustic                        Aspele                       Walnut

Wenge-10-Degree-Lacquer White-Oak-10-Degree-Lacquer

Wenge                      Oak


Stain Options:

(samples shown on GC Rosewood, but stains are available for all wood species)

GC-Rosewood-Slate-Oak-Stain Rosewood Wine Cellars GC-Rosewood-Niagara-Brown-Stain

Slate Oak Stain               Port Stain                        Niagara Brown Stain

GC-Rosewood-Hazelnut-Stain GC-Rosewood-Espresso-Stain GC-Rosewood-Cognac-Stain

Hazelnut Stain                     Espresso Stain                      Cognac Stain

GC-Rosewood-Charcoal-Stain Cappuccino Stain GC-Rosewood-Ink-Stain

Charcoal Stain                 Cappuccino Stain                    Ink Stain

Custom Wine Cellar Stain

Burnt Sienna Stain


Specialty Finish Options:

(available in any wood species)

Cherry-Cappuccino-Stain-with-Beaten-and-Burned-Finish Oak-Rough-Sawn White-Oak-10-Degree-Lacquer1

Beaten & Burned Finish         Oak Rough Sawn                      Distressed finish

Design Centre

Our  center can create a unique, custom wine cellar for you, based on your space and style. With our Architectural Series Design Services, we prepare full CAD drawings as well as realistic three-dimensional renderings that show natural wood grains and finishes to give you an incredibly detailed preview of how your wine cellar will look inside your home. . Turnaround time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, and includes unlimited revisions.

Design Service:                      $750.00
Design turnaround:                  4-6 weeks (includes unlimited revisions)




*See our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

Production time:                       8 – 10 weeks


Deluxe Wine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals can install each and every element of your custom cellar, from floors to walls to racking to lighting to plumbing. We are a 100% turnkey solution.