What kind of wine glass should I use?


1. The larger the bowl the better the wine -  aromas tend to circulate and manifest themselves much better in larger bowls. Glassware intended for red wine tends to be bigger, since red wines need more air and time to open up. Beyond this, when it comes down to the bowl shape and size is a personal consideration.

2. The stem length – The idea is that we do not want to ‘interfere’ with the wine’s temperature, that is why we have the stem of the glass which allows us to hold the glass without having our hand on the actual bowl. Stem length is a personal as well as practical consideration. Longer stems tend to have a more elegant look, but tend to break more easily and are more difficult to be washed in a dishwasher, and to store. Shorter stems are more practical, especially for everyday use.

3. Stemless – Stemless wine glasses have become very popular. They are practical, especially for everyday and casual wine-drinking occasions. They are dishwasher friendly and are harder to break. Personal favorite is the Govino wine glasses, they are shatterproof and are perfect for the out door events.

4. Fine lead crystal or regular glass – The finer the crystal the thinner the glass. This does make a huge difference. Fine, lead crystal really does enhance the wine drinking experience. However, these are expensive glasses. Today, thanks to modern technology, we can find lots of non-lead but fine crystal glasses like Schott Zwiesel. Schott Zwiesel crystal glasses are lead free, dishwasher friendly and break and etch-resistant.

5. Plain, colored or etched – Generally plain, unadorned glasses are better for serious tastings, as they do allow you to examine all the visual aspects of the wine such as the color, its intensity as well as viscosity. However, most wine drinking situations are not as “serious”  so feel free to have some fun, add some color!

6. Champagne/sparkling wine flutes- The flute shaped glass has been considered the best for Champagne and sparkling wines as it allows the wine to manifest its bubbles with the greatest intensity and duration. However, if you really want to savor the aromas and flavors using regular white wine glasses will do the trick as well. White wine glasses have a wider bowl and mouth, which enables the wine to better open up. The bubbles however may seem to dissipate more quickly, but you will still taste their sensation in your mouth.


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